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The worst thing, as a rider, is not being able to ride, for one reason or another. It's sometimes easy to forget that riders are athletes in their own right. If you want to stay solid in the saddle, you're going to need to be just as strong as the horse that's underneath you.


Ride farther, faster, and without pain.

The goal of this course is to give the rider tools to help minimize back pain, improve core strength, and ride with the best form possible, to stop the clock and stay solid in the saddle.

In this course Becky shares her years of experience as a horse person, competitor, and physical therapist to help you be the best rider possible, so you can let the amazing equine athlete work to the best of their ability

What's in the full package?

The full package is both of our Rider Rehab courses (Back Pain and Core & Posture) for a bundle price! You'll get access to all the exercise videos and handouts from both courses.

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Solid in the Saddle - The Full Package

Rider Rehab

Looking to ride farther, faster, and without pain? Our Rider Rehab program is just what you've been searching for. Thirteen exercises to improve your hip, core, and postural stability so you can stay solid in the saddle.

This course includes a full color PDF handout, detailing each exercise, along side videos demonstrating the exercises, with explanations from rider/physical therapist, Becky Pearson.

Solid in the Saddle - The Full Package includes our entire Rider Rehab program for a discounted bulk price.

What our students have to say:

Phil Haugen
Horseman & Clinician

This will be extremely beneficial for those in the industry. You understand the challenges riders face and do a great job of explaining how to do the exercises and why they're important. I'll be incorporating several of these exercises into my morning workout!

Samantha Flannery
Futurity Trainer & Clinician

I was so excited when I saw that Becky had put together videos and exercises targeted for us barrel racers! My biggest problem is my pelvis and I've never been shown what to do about it. I'm a believer in a strong core. I expect my horse to run fast and turn hard, so I need to stay rock solid in the saddle to stay out of their way.

A Bit About Becky

Becky grew up on a horse, with her early days competing in 4-H in all events, as well as starting her own colts. As her she finished her Masters degree in Physical Therapy and her college years drew to a close, she found herself in the ranch country of the Sandhills of Nebraska. It is here where she started barrel racing and met her husband Chris who is a PRCA steer roper. Becky is a WPRA card holder and competes in barrel racing at both the professional and local levels. Their two daughters, Emma and Gracie, also compete at the high school and junior high levels of rodeo, in barrel racing, pole bending, cutting, and goat tying.

Becky and her family understand the need to stay in the saddle, and the importance of being fit to compete at your best. It is as big of a part of their lives as it is yours.

maxine thumbnail
Maxine's Testimonial

Maxine is an avid horse rider, but she'd been struggling with pain that limited how much she could ride. She was having to use ladders, stools, and buckets just to get onto her horse. But with the help of therapy she's back in the saddle again!